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To build or not to build?

Is that even a question???

Often times when dreaming of a new addition, kitchen, bath, or even a kids playhouse. What we see on the internet or magazines can look so appealing that you absolutely must have it. But does that kitchen really fit your lifestyle? Does the addition even work for your entertainment needs? Will you ever use it? As a builder we should always encourage you to build, after all, it is our livelihood. But building a home is different as opposed to building a house. Yes I know, cue serenading music. But in truth, your home is where YOU live and YOU relax and YOU feel safe. But a house? That is something you start with. The concept and vision of what hit your heart when you first saw that model home, or that building magazine, or that photo on Instagram. It is just the beginning of the journey.

Well that doesn't answer the question...

It actually does... But like an Italian wise guy answering a question with a question (think about it for a second). Just continue to ask yourself the "Why" of the project. And if the "Why" has merit. Then "To build" is your next step. Happy Building!

Still confused? Well just log in every week to this blog to gather insight from local and top builders from around the world... Not nation... The world... Yeah, we go places...

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